Business Owners, CEOs, Managing Partners, Senior Executives…

  •  Feeling overwhelmed with all the social media/social networking/social business chatter?
  • Worried that your business might be missing out on opportunities but not sure where to start?
  • Irritated because examples you hear of social media success don’t seem to apply to your business?

If so, you are not alone.

As a savvy business leader, you know that every business today needs to re-align its business strategies to meet the new business environment created by the rapid convergence of:

  • social media
  • social networking
  • cloud computing
  • mobile
  • big data and
  • unprecedented customer empowerment.

But how best to do that is the big question. Maybe you, like many other business leaders, are frustrated by not knowing quite where to start or how to move ahead confidently.

Sure, there are books. There are courses you can enroll for.

And conferences!

But what is there to meet your particular needs, for your particular business?

That’s where the VIP Day comes in.

The VIP Day is designed for you, the business owner, CEO or senior executive, to be guided personally through the maze of social media and social networking, and acquire the knowledge and confidence necessary for you to exercise effective strategic leadership in this sphere of your business.

It is a private, one-on-one, full day in which an individual business leader works directly with social media specialist and business coach Des Walsh to:

  • see where your company fits in the new social business environment
  • focus on what social media means for your business
  • develop a strategic social business strategy tailored to your own business objectives.

Is the VIP Day for you?

It could be, if you:

  • are a business owner, CEO or in another corporate leadership position
  • know the importance of social media and want to lead in this area, just as you do in other aspects of your business
  • see the challenge created by the convergence of social media, social networking, cloud computing, mobile, and big data
  • want to know how to make social media work effectively for your business, with its particular characteristics and challenges
  • find it hard to gain the comprehensive information and basic experience you need
  • have been putting this off, hoping things will get clearer, but that’s not happening
  • don’t want to do courses
  • don’t want to sit in a room with a bunch of others, especially competitors, having to share your confidential business intelligence and get, at best, generic information in return


Social Media Beginner, or Experienced Player?

Whether you are an active and experienced user of social media or just starting, the VIP Day can deliver for you.

That’s one of the key advantages of this service being tailored to your needs. There is a framework and a methodology, but there are no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all solutions here.

If you are a social media beginner, remember we were all beginners once. And with the VIP Day approach you have the advantage of being able to establish a robust foundation now, which you can build on strategically and systematically, not just blundering in with a trial and error approach, as so many do. Why take needless risks when for the sake of a one day commitment you can get a good grounding and have a clear roadmap for further development of your knowledge and skill in this area?

If you are already experienced and skilful with social media, the VIP Day gives you the opportunity, time and support to refine your strategy, sorting priorities for action, and working at a more advanced level of understanding and expertise. The social business environment changes so rapidly that even the most experienced social business experts I know are, without exception, engaged in a continuing learning, re-learning and re-calibrating process.

How does it work?

  • this is a private, one-on-one VIP Day, where we work together via phone or Skype, and you are able to do this from the comfort of your own office or home (there will be breaks!)
  • prior to the VIP Day, there is a social business audit for your business, via email questionnaire and at no extra charge
  • also well before the VIP Day there is a preliminary, 50 minute meeting by phone, Skype or Google Plus, to get a complete mutual understanding of the issues you want addressed, any pre-event preparation you need to do, and to discuss exactly what you are expecting as a result of the VIP Day
  • on the day we work systematically through a previously agreed agenda focused completely on your business challenges
  • follow-up phone conference within 30 days of the VIP Day, as a refresher and to answer specific questions about implementation

A Scaleable, Adaptable Methodology

While the whole approach of the VIP Day is personal and focused on you and your business, you should know that the methodology used is scalable and adaptable to different sizes and types of business and organisations.

My 9 step methodology builds on the internationally proven methodology from San Francisco based S3 Social Media Academy (formerly Social Media Academy), the leading business school for applied social media, where I graduated as a Certified Social Media Strategist.

S3 Social Meida Academy Featured Alumni Includes des Walsh

My methodology has worked across a range of environments, from a one person coaching practice, to a 21 person professional services firm, to an IT industry peak regional body, to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Twitter: NATO uses Des Walsh social media strategy framework

What’s the Benefit?

At the end of the VIP Day, you will:

  • know how social media fits in your business strategy and how you can use social media to better serve your business goals
  • know how to enhance your company’s presence, reach, engagement and influence on specific social media platforms
  • understand how to incorporate “social selling” into your business strategy – using permission marketing through social networking
  • have a simple, actionable social business strategy tailored to your specific company objectives and resources
  • have an adaptable, robust, internationally proven methodology you can apply to your business

Your Personal VIP Day Coach

Des WalshDes Walsh has been in business for over 20 years. He is a business coach, certified social media strategist and LinkedIn expert. His coach training was with Coachville and his certification as a Social Media Strategist is from the California-based Society3 Academy.

He is co-author of LinkedIn for Recruiting, one of the first books published about how to use LinkedIn. He writes for the leading social business sites, Social Media Today, My Venture Pad and Customer Think. Des has given presentations on blogging, LinkedIn and social media strategy in Australia, the USA and China. See also Des’s LinkedIn profile.


Limited Opportunity

Please note: so that I can make the full commitment needed for you to get maximum benefit from your VIP Day, I never schedule more than two of these a month, so it’s “first in, best dressed”.


Your Next Step

Does what you’ve read so far speak to you, strike a chord? If so, let’s talk, on a strictly confidential, no obligation basis, and see if this really is for you.

Just grab a spot in my schedule here – click on “Discovery Call” – and I’ll be happy to meet with you and answer any and all of your questions to the best of my ability. Then you can decide.

Note: if you can’t manage any of the available times on my schedule, just email me at letting me know your location and when you are available and we will sort something out.