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With affiliate marketing, it is crucial to understand the distinction between high-ticket and low-ticket products and services. Quite simply, you have to work a lot harder to market low-ticket and it is becoming harder every day to do that. Join our #FreedomGang group to learn more.

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Business Life and Spiritual Journey – Separate or Together?

For many years I’ve kept my working or business life and my spiritual journey effectively separate. I don’t think I was unusual in this. In fact, I think it was and is the norm. Which did not make it good. With my new business there is no need anymore for that kind of separation.

Looking back, I feel that was an unfortunate, unhealthy discon

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Navigating This Digital Business Life

The platform I found to help me realise my dream of an online business that worked and would provide financial security and a dream laptop lifestyle and could be done with total integrity and in harmony with my values.