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Des Walsh dot Com (brand of The Webarts Company Pty Ltd) is in the information business. We don’t tell you what decisions to make or how to run your business (we happen to believe that you know more about running your business than any consultant or coach is likely to know!).

For all the services we provide (e.g., speaking, coaching, social media strategy, how to use LinkedIn effectively) our aim is to share the information, insights and experience we have been able to acquire, so that you can identify and use what works for you.

We do not give financial advice.

Here’s the more formal, “catch all” version

(if there is anything you think is not covered here, please let us know)

The information on this site is provided for information purposes only. While reasonable care is taken in its preparation, Des Walsh dot Com/The Webarts Company Pty Ltd (“Webartsco”) does not guarantee or warrant the accuracy, reliability, completeness, or currency of the content contained within this site, or its usefulness in achieving any purpose.

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