They are not usually in the media. They don’t always get recognised for what they do. They tend not to want any fuss made of them. They just want to get on with doing what they do best.

Which is making magic happen.

In every community they are the people who don’t wait around for “somebody”, or “the government” to help others in need, especially others in crisis.

They are focused on solutions, not problems. They get on with it. They move others into action. They find resources where others couldn’t. “Can’t be done” is not a phrase they understand.

And every day, every night, in every community, they are helping others find hope and comfort where they thought there was none.

They are the magic makers.

They are the big hearted people your community relies on when there needs to be a fundraiser for people in need.

They are the women who know what is to be done when an abused woman flees her home, children in tow, in the middle of the night.

They are the “never too much trouble” couples who dedicate themselves to fostering the kids others haven’t been able to deal with.

They are the men who organise sporting and other activities for young people at risk. 

They are the people who feed the homeless and give them a friendly, listening ear when no one else can hear them.

They are the visionaries, young and old and in between, the creative ones who have a “crazy” idea and turn it into a flourishing business that goes global, giving employment and joy to thousands or millions.

They are the bridge-builders between different ethnic and other communities, who bring people together and help them see that under all our tribal differences we are people with shared challenges, dreams and passions.

The magic makers are the uplifters, the ones who show the way in creating joy from adversity, the people who shine a light where others see only darkness, the ones who show others how to discover their own uniqueness and super powers.

And we’re here to help you celebrate them.

This Facebook group is a space we are holding where their stories can be shared, where individuals can learn how easy, and how powerful it can be to catch their stories on video and share them to the world, to inspire and encourage others.

To remind us all that the terrible things we see and hear on mainstream media are by no means the whole story of humanity today.

To inspire and encourage other magic makers in other communities, across the globe, that they are not alone.


We mean doing short interviews on video and then sharing those videos here on the group and potentially around the world.

If you have a smartphone or have a friend or family member who has one, you can be the documenter of their magic.

All you need to do is to switch to video, click record, ask a few simple questions, and save. We have videos here to demonstrate that and what to do next to share your video.

We will be providing templates and guides to help you or anyone who wants to participate.


It’s so easy for people who take on what are often thankless tasks for the less fortunate in our communities to feel overwhelmed or even unsupported themselves.

By creating a global movement, with no barriers of race or creed or nationality, using the power of the internet and social media to connect magic makers everywhere, to share their dreams, their hopes, their challenges, with other magi makers and their supporters.

And to inspire others to follow their example, and become magic makers themselves.



Right now, “we” are a group of online marketers who were challenged by one of our mentors to come up with a project that would have an impact.

We see ourselves simply as the initial enablers and caretakers of this movement and while we have dreams of how big this can grow to be, we don’t actually have a long-range plan and no desire to “own” the movement.

At some point we may arrange some sort of an online conference to pull together some “what’s next” ideas. Right now, we just want to get things moving and generate some excitement about the idea of celebrating the magic makers.

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Amanda Macdonald

Belinda Sims

Justin Macdonald

Katrina G Murray

Suzie Cheel

Des Walsh