This page is for sharing information and tips about LinkedIn, for members of the HazelMooreOnline Team.

The link to the LinkedIn overview on Thursday May 6th, 2021 is:

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A Good Group for Getting Up to Date Information About LinkedIn and Answers to Questions

LinkedIn Action User Group Heroes

This is surely the BEST group for conversations about LinkedIn with a great blend of “newbies” and top experts. Run by Andy Foote, who has a fund of knowledge about LinkedIn and a great sense of humour (check the acronym of the group name). Over a thousand members and no spam!
If you have any trouble joining, let me know and I will contact Andy.

One tip for posting questions on this group. After you have posted, add a tag.

LinkedIn Basic and Premium Accounts – Comparison of Features

People often ask, should they have a Premium (i.e. paid) account or is the free, Basic one enough.

Opinions vary.

There is no answer that suits all. One suggestion is to use the Basic account unless and until you get frustrated by its limitations, then see if a Premium account would be more to your liking, then try it for a month – that way you will be paying 20% more, but on the positive side you will not be locking yourself into a full year’s payment for features that don’t add value for you.

Linkedin Premium: Is it worth paying for in 2021? (An ultimately sceptical review but worth a read)

People Whose Activity You Want to See as a Priority

There can be various reasons to improve your chance of seeing the activity of particular LinkedIn users.

For example, a LinkedIn expert whose LinkedIn tips you would value, a prospect for your business. Then you will have more scope to be able to comment on their posts, and when you do that there will be at least two benefits: a) they will notice, and when you invite them to connect will likely be more amenable to that, and b) the algorithm will notice and show you more posts in a similar vein or of related interest.

Or a prospect for your CFX team.

If you have a Sales Navigator account with LinkedIn, which at $89.99 a month purchased annually I’m not recommending but which you might just find useful, in which case knock yourself out, you will be able to have more control than others over whose posts you see in the the newsfeed.

Another way, with no price tag attached, is to use the following url formula to see a bunch of recent posts by the individual user, then bookmark that in your browser or create a folder for that, and then you can see with a keystroke what your person has been posting.

Here is the formula for seeing their activity:

If you want to see all their activity, e.g. including comments on others’s posts, leave off the <shares/> bit of the url. Get the user’s LinkedIn username by opening their profile and seeing their username in the profile url above their profile.

Also, you might want to have a spreadsheet separately to keep track of the names of people you are following. If you do that, I suggest having a column that indicates the basic reason you follow them and keep that as simple as you can: I have two categories – Experts (especially about LinkedIn> and ICs (Ideal Customers/Colleagues)