The Roadmap for Recruiters Using LinkedIn

by Bill Vick and Des Walsh

LinkedIn for Recruiting book by Bill Vick & Des Walsh
Originally published in March 2006, LinkedIn for Recruiting, by Bill Vick and Des Walsh, went to a second edition. The printed book is no longer for sale. However, for anyone interested in obtaining the e-book version, it is available free of charge: just complete the short form below and you will receive instructions about downloading the e-book.

While there have been some significant changes and developments with LinkedIn, many will still find value in reading the strategies and success stories shared by successful recruiters and other recruitment specialists who were interviewed for the book. Since 2003, thousands of companies like Microsoft have utilized LinkedIn to recruit top talent and that trend shows no signs of slowing down.

LinkedIn for Recruiting e-book

Reviews of LinkedIn For Recruiting

Note: the full name of the book incorporated the publisher’s name – “Happy About LinkedIn for Recruiting”.

“Reading Happy About LinkedIn for Recruiting was like having a conversation with 100 Different industry professionals all at the same time. This is the definitive guide for recruiters looking to utilize all that LinkedIn has to offer.” Jason Patino, Division Head, Latitude Technical Resources

“Having created the first job board on the Internet and watching/supporting the industry as President of Monster and now as Executive Director of Direct Employers Association, I have a broad view of the overall recruiting marketplace. If you are a recruiter today, you should be using LinkedIn as one of the tools in your arsenal. If you are using LinkedIn as a recruiter, you need to read this book to pick up some of the hidden nuggets that often take months, if not years to unravel.” Bill Warren, Founder and Executive Director of Direct Employers Association

“If the primary goal of recruiting and search professionals is to cash fee checks from happy clients – and it is – then ‘Happy About Linked In for Recruiting’ is a tremendous leap forward in making that happen. This book and the use of LinkedIn is truly an innovation in recruiting!” Paul Hawkinson, Publisher – The Fordyce Letter (

“The ‘Happy About LinkedIn for Recruiting’ book has been incredibly helpful in both finding alternate ways to recruit, as well as refining our recruiting process.”  Jim Sullivan, President & CEO, JCSI Corporate Staffing

“Bill Vick is a visionary who has been on the cutting edge of technology his entire career. ‘Happy About LinkedIn for Recruiting’ is another example of Bill developing a tool that will turbo charge your recruiting and marketing efforts. LinkedIn allows you to develop rapport and relationships with individuals who will dramatically increase your ability to reach levels of top production. It is important today to utilize cutting edge tools available, in order for you to “stand out from the crowd.”  Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, President – Good as Gold Training, Past NAPS Chairman of the Board

“I picked up a copy of the book and it is AWESOME! It is geared towards recruiters and gives us tips on how best to use LinkedIn. I highly recommend everyone buying a copy.” Tanya Steffen, Recruiter, Right Staff

“It is a great read, I am actually on my second go around.”  Brice Benefiel, Sr. Recruiter – Information Technology, Omnikron Systems Inc

“LinkedIn is a phenomenal tool for business networkers, job seekers, and recruiters alike. Everyone has different objectives behind the networking they do. Bill Vick’s book is a fantastic resource for any recruiter who wants to understand how to get the most out of LinkedIn. The book’s value isn’t limited to recruiters however. The book is also a great resource for job seekers desiring to maximize their exposure to opportunity by understanding how recruiters utilize LinkedIn to identify great candidates, in addition to having obvious applicability to business networkers in general.” Ron Bates, Managing Principal, Executive Advantage Group, Inc. and #1 most connected person on LinkedIn.

“You can be sure that in my role as President of the National Association
of Personnel Services (NAPS) I will be recommending our members to get LinkedIn
and to read and listen to this book.”
Conrad G. Taylor, CPC/CTS, President, Past Chairman, NAPS

“Bill Vick and Desmond Walsh have written a very good book, one that every recruiter using LinkedIn should have. (I also think non-Recruiters may also benefit from insights in ‘Happy About LinkedIn for Recruiting’.) … Kudos to Bill and Des for a job well done!” Vincent Wright, Moderator, My LinkedIn Power Forum