Not everyone likes LinkedIn ? and some actively hate it ?. But as professionals online, we need it. So buckle up! My aim is to make the experience as pain-free and productive as humanly possible.

My LinkedIn 5 Day Power Up course, delivered to your email inbox, is a free, self-paced program for you to get serious traction with your LinkedIn membership. It’s designed to be helpful both for people just starting out on LinkedIn and for experienced users who are ready to reboot their activity on the LinkedIn platform.

I subscribed to Des Walsh’s 5 Day LinkedIn Challenge to assist me with gaining more traction into my speaking and writing business.

In five days, I have been able to learn the important factors of creating a professional profile as well as connecting with a new network of individuals to collaborate and wander my purpose for life.

If you are thinking about connecting with Des – I say do It!

Harmoni Raie - The Real Mrs D

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