Linked Intensive

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Are you ready to get up to speed with LinkedIn?

Would you like some help with that?

Then the Linked Intensive program is for you.

Linked Intensive is a highly-focused program over a 14 day period, during which participants are guided and supported to turbo-charge their presence, reach, engagement and influence on LinkedIn.

Over the 14 days we cover these ten key areas for effective use of LinkedIn:

  1. Purpose and Goals for your LinkedIn engagement
  2. How to Create a 100% complete and optimised Professional Profile
  3. Your Network Building Strategy
  4. How to Manage Contacts and Connections
  5. Simple Steps for Giving and Getting Great Recommendations
  6. Harnessing the Power of LinkedIn Groups for Building your LinkedIn engagement
  7. Using a Company or Brand Page to take your LinkedIn engagement to a new level
  8. How to Create Daily Status Updates to help you stand out from the LinkedIn crowd
  9. Skills & endorsements – smart tactics to get found faster and more often
  10. How to Use LinkedIn Advanced Search for more targeted, more effective marketing


LinkedIn 2016 – twelve years on, LinkedIn is not just for job-seekers and recruiters any more.

  • 433 million+ members and growing, with 2 new members every second
  • 1.9 million groups covering a huge range of professional interests
  • the primary social network for professionals worldwide
  • where the serious influencers are online


Hi, I’m Des Walsh and I developed the 14 day Linked Intensive after hearing many business owners and freelance professionals expressing their interest in:

  • having someone guide through the intricacies of LinkedIn
  • showing them how they could use LinkedIn to help them grow their business

From another program on LinkedIn I had run and from years of managing groups focused on how to use LinkedIn more effectively, I knew that:

  • people get value from a systematic, time-limited program focused on LinkedIn for business
  • people get extra value from working on such a program in a similarly focused group of professionals
  • an ongoing alumni group gives a point of reference and support well after the completion of the program


Shirley George FrazierI learned long ago that you need training to understanding LinkedIn. What I’ve accomplished through Des has introduced me to valuable connections and opportunities than I could not have completed on my own.

Shirley George Frazier, Basketologist, Author of best-selling gift basket and marketing books


How it Works

Over a 14 day period, you get daily email bulletins, each in turn focusing on a particular part of the LinkedIn jigsaw, including features of the platform, and how best to present yourself and your brand. You are helped to get crystal-clear about what you want to achieve by your participation on LinkedIn and to focus on specific actions to ensure that you are getting maximum value for your efforts.

Also online seminars. Program delivery is via a combination of email lessons, two weekly Q&A online seminars, together with a commencement seminar and an end of program wrap-up seminar.

Online resources are provided, including “how to” videos, an activity tracking spreadsheet, checklists and action sheets. Those resources will be available on an ongoing basis and at least until the next live Linking Edge Intensive program.

There is a private online group to provide a forum for discussion and sharing.

As program leader Des Walsh is available by email on a daily basis, throughout the 14 day period, to respond personally to your specific questions or requests for guidance.

To ensure that you get prompt, helplful support directly from Des, participation is limited to a maximum 30 participants worldwide.

The weekly Q&As also provide an opportunity for you to get answers to your particular concerns as well as picking up ideas and clues from others’ questions.


Who is this for?

The program is ideal for small and medium business owners, executives and entrepreneurs who are ready to fast-track their Linkedin participation and engagement and willing to set aside some focused time each day for the program.

You will almost certainly be someone who wants your LinkedIn presence and engagement to stand out from the crowd. It’s not called Linking Edge for nothing!

You do not need any prior knowledge, or even any lengthy period of activity on LinkedIn.

The only requirement, other than willingness to commit to the program, is to have a member account with LinkedIn: a basic (free) account is fine, and if you have a Premium account you will still be able to benefit from the program.


What You Will Take Away

  • 100% complete, search-optimized Professional Profile
  • Company (or brand) page or pages if you wish – optimized for success
  • Crystal clarity about your purpose and goals for LinkedIn participation
  • Direct access to program leader for personalized support and advice
  • Fast-track from limited participation on the network to active, productive participation
  • Acquire LinkedIn know-how it has taken the program leader years to acquire
  • By-pass unproductive LinkedIn activity and focus on what serves your objectives
  • New focus on building valuable network, not just acquiring connections
  • Tools to track your own progress
  • Ongoing membership of private group to compare notes, get questions answered, build new, quality connections
  • Knowledge to get your team up to speed on LinkedIn


Why Work With Me?

Des Walsh

I’m a business coach, social media strategist and LinkedIn expert. I’ve been active on LinkedIn since October 6, 2004, and way back in 2005 I co-authored one of the first books on LinkedIn. I was the founding moderator of the very successful LinkedIn Bloggers Group. I’m the founder of the 30 Day Linking Blitz and owner and co-manager of the 30 Day Linking Blitz Group on LinkedIn (the “Blitz” is a collaborative, free to join project to, as the name suggests, “blitz” our presence and activity on LinkedIn – there have been three such events to date).

Anthony Idle

Des Walsh is a powerhouse at generating more connections and referrals via LinkedIn than I have ever in my wildest dreams imagined.

Where I once thought of LinkedIn as a resume it is now my one and only essential social media network (ignoring YouTube’s social aspect).

If you want to know how to professionally use LinkedIn to generate sales then Des Walsh is the person you must have in your corner.

Anthony Idle
Google Certified Adwords Professional and Video Producer


Resources in Detail

  • Emailed guide for each day of activity
  • Activity tracking spreadsheet (you can personalize)
  • Cheat sheets
  • Action sheets
  • How-to videos
  • Podcasts
  • Private online group
  • Program leader available on a daily basis for personal support and guidance via email


What’s Special About This Program

If you’ve been looking, you’ll know there is no shortage of coaching programs about LinkedIn out there. So what is special about Linking Edge Intensive?

  • Business orientation – focused on needs of business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Self-paced – you get to organise your own timetable for this
  • Online and email resource delivery – do this from the comfort of your own place
  • Personal support from program leader (note small number of participants)
  • Easy access to online resources
  • Private group for participants only – membership continues beyond the 14 day program
  • Value for money (especially with the Early Bird price!)


Mitchell Levy, thought leaderDes Walsh is bright, energetic, curious, knowledgeable, helpful and has a characteristic that I appreciate most in people; he says what he’ll do and does what he says. I have known Des for over 7 years and have always seen him demonstrate these characteristics.

When he invited me to join his 30 Day Linking Blitz community, I was intrigued. When it was over, I was stoked. It was great. I learned a lot and more importantly, I significantly grew my interaction on LinkedIn. I highly recommend anything that Des says he’ll do.

Mitchell Levy, Thought Leader Architect and CEO, THiNKaha
Owner of the “Des inspired” Thought Leader Best Practices Group



With Linked Intensive you don’t have to fly solo

One of the many lessons I have drawn from the 30 Day Linking Blitz has been how valuable it is for anyone wanting to lift their game on LinkedIn to be part of a community with a similar focus. All participants in the 14 day Linking Edge Intensive get to join a private group just for participants, including those who have already completed the Intensive.

But I’m keeping it small:

Maximum number of participants worldwide: 30.


When does it happen?

The next Linked Intensive will be announced soon.


What’s the investment?

The full investment for this 14 day intensive, with all the support and personal guidance from me,is to be announced soon. If you’ve looked around for focused coaching on LinkedIn, or even for LinkedIn training workshops, I believe you will see the investment as representing good value for money.


Bonus offer for the first 10 registrations

You know the saying, “The race is to the swift?” Well, for the first ten (10) people to register, I am offering a personal, one on one LinkedIn coaching session, which can be taken up at any time till March 31, 2014.


Virginia Gordon

Des Walsh has been a thought leader in online and social media in Australia since the early 90s when we first met. His focus on LinkedIn has benefited many individuals and businesses and I am one of them.

I hadn’t truly appreciated the full power of LI and its transformational role in business development until Des guided me through all its features.

Des has a generosity of spirit that ensures you will not only learn through his program but you become a part of his significant international network. His gentle guidance will see you effortlessly achieve more than you can imagine.

Virginia Gordon
Public Affairs Advisor


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