In the second half of 2012, 30 Day Linking Blitz founder Des Walsh decided he would set himself the task of taking concerted, consistent action on a daily basis to amplify his LinkedIn presence and activity.
He thought it would be good to find some colleagues to do that with him. He hoped he might find about 10 people to do this. Then as that number was quickly reached, he thought, maybe 20.

A LinkedIn Group was established, appropriately, and became the hub for discussion, sharing and a great deal of mutual support. As the group grew, it was agreed to close the membership no later than the first day of the 30 day project. By that time there were 245 members of the Group.

Based on the success of the first 30 Day Linking Blitz, and in response to many requests for a repeat project in 2013, Des agreed to organise a new 30 Day Linking Blitz, starting early in February 2013.

30 Day Linking Blitz Mk II or 30dlb2, started on February 11, 2013, with over 180 registered participants.

The next “blitz” was in August or September 2013.

The fourth Blitz was launched in February 24, 2014.

The 30 Day Linking Blitz Group on LinkedIn was later re-focused and re-badged as the Linking Business Professionals group and opened to general membership. Subsequently, the group ownership was transferred to Scott Allen, who renamed it Link’d Intelligence Mastermind.