Kris Gale is Chairman of Michael Johnson Associates (MJA). The company specialises in helping Australian innovators make the most effective use of Federal Government industry assistance programs, especially via the Government’s R&D Tax Incentive.

He is a founding member of the Australian Federal Government’s R&D Tax Incentive National Reference Group.

Kris has lengthy experience in this field of Federal Government support for industry innovation. He joined Michael Johnson Associates in 1987 as a Consultant, became a partner two years later and in 1998 became Managing Partner. In mid 2014 he took up the role of Chairman.

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We talked about:

  • styles of leadership and what might be appropriate at this time
  • keys to successful leadership
  • why leadership role might not be for everyone
  • “dealing with difficult people”
  • and a couple more items

Keys to successful leadership in large and small organizations

  • Listen
  • Be decisive
  • Be consistent

Especially, be consistent.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt over the time that I’ve been involved in leadership roles, it’s that consistency is the absolute bedrock of successful leadership.

More from Kris:

“I don’t think that consultative leadership is ‘no longer making decisions'”.

People need to do some soul-searching to see if they really want to be in leadership roles.

Not everyone has to be a leader.

“Dealing with Difficult People”

We had an extended, nuanced conversation about this.

A couple of key observations from Kris

My general experience is that over time you can divine whether someone wants to be (in your organization) and achieve and contribute, or they don’t.

Are people capable of change? The answer to that is completely yes and no.

Coaching Conversation

Kris congratulated me on my receiving the President’s Award from the International Association of Coaching (IAC) and spoke about our coaching relationship, my style of coaching, and our friendship over many years and told me not to edit that segment.

More about Kris and Contact Details

He’s a man of many parts, a music lover and a DJ, a.k.a. The Godfather – his Twitter handle is @GodfatherDJ. He has diverse sporting interests. He’s a basketball player and coach, and I can attest that he has an amazing recall of cricket lore. He’s a died-in-the-wool supporter and Player Sponsor of the Wests Tigers Rugby League Club and co-hosts the very entertaining weekly segment on Rugby League Fireup! On FBI Radio and another program on Sunday nights, The Back Row on Triple M. With his friend Andrew Rose he also has a podcast, Losing My Edge. Kris never ceases to amaze me with his knowledge of US professional basketball and football.

And as any of Kris’s many friends will tell you, he’s a fount of information about pop culture.

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