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Helping Executives be Successful, Safe and Sane

Jack Crumlin, Norton Crumlin & AssociatesInterview with Jack Crumlin, Founding Director, Norton Crumlin & Associates


Keeping Executives Safe and Sane

Do you ever see a business motto or tagline and think “Wish I’d thought of that first’’?

That was my reaction when I saw on the website of the Sydney-based firm Norton Crumlin & Associates the line “Helping Executives be successful and keeping them safe and sane in the process”.

What an attractive approach for working with executives!

And as you’ll hear in this podcast of my interview with Norton Crumlin & Associates Founding Director Jack Crumlin, that tagline is much more than a tagline: it’s a foundational and guiding principle of the firm’s culture and work.

One of the preeminent business coaches operating in Australia, Jack has a seriously impressive resumé.

Chartered Account, Corporate Finance specialist, Partner in two major Accounting firms, CEO of a telecommunications services company and Board member in publicly listed and private companies, Jack knows business. And he knows first hand about executives and the challenges they face.

He also has a very engaging sense of humor.

We covered a range of topics about leadership, including:

• The importance for executives to remain “safe and sane”, for relationships, health and well-being, as well as for their continuing effectiveness in their official roles
• The industry sectors Norton Crumlin & Associates work mostly with and for what circumstances (note this for building on strengths)
• How executives can better handle change processes
• Thoughts on the impact of the digital age on leadership
• The challenge of resistance to change, with an example of a successful exercise
• Extending the firm’s reach

Some quotes and snippets

“We find that almost without exception there is a need for senior people to have someone to talk to who can relate to where they are and who can provide some insights. And that’s what we like to do.”

“We like to work with people who are in leadership positions and it’s invariably associated with a change that’s going on.” (Personal change, as in new role or promotion, or company change)

On starting a program of cultural change. “If you are not up for five years of change, don’t start”.

On the digital age. With all the changes brought about by digitization, there is still a need for face-to-face communications. In the Australian business and public sectors there is a high value set on relations, which entails the need for trust, which in turn is connected with how information is received: technology can help but the human touch needs to be retained.

On expansion, with specific reference to the Asia Pacific region. Need to find people with a similar business purpose and understanding of the cultural nuances.

Link: Is Your Leadership Style Right for the Digital Age? Wharton School

Check out Jack’s firm and what they do

Norton Crumlin & Associates provide a range of services, focusing on Executive Coaching, Leadership, Facilitation, Change Management and Client Experience.

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