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I’m not comfortable about this, but I have to face the fact that my website is not working. Right now there are so many other things I want to be focusing on, but I know that I have to deal with this and sooner rather than later.

Readers of my blog over the years might think, Oh no, he’s not changing it again, is he? But the answer is, yes. I need to.

Not so much how it looks as what it delivers, or doesn’t

It’s not that it doesn’t look ok. It does, or so I’m told by others whose opinion and judgement in the matter I respect.

And it’s not that the pages and blog posts can’t be found and read. They can – as far as I know.

In fact, I was really pleased, delighted in fact, when some time ago a respected colleague and friend congratulated me on my website, which I designed and built on the WordPress platform, using the Genesis Framework for WordPress, with the Enterprise Child Theme.

And others have told me it is impressive, very professional, and so on.

Des Walsh dot Com home page 20 August 2013

But my thoughts on the subject keep coming back to this: Its. Not. Working.

By which I mean is that it’s not working, in any way I can easily determine, to win me business

Also, and this is an important consideration, the Genesis Framework child theme for WordPress I am using currently, Enterprise, while it looks ok and is technically navigable on my smartphone, is not actually mobile responsive. Which means it is not easily readable on a mobile device, so that’s not helping anyone, readers or me.

Definitely makeover time.

Purpose and Design

So, having determined – as I have – to do something, I have to work out what needs to be done and how.

I think I’ve got those fairly clear, in principle at least:

What – a site which will continue to aim at providing value for readers and at the same time have a strong focus on generating leads and generating new business,

How – two steps for now:

  • design and build a new front end, using the new, 2.0 version of the Genesis Framework and a mobile responsive child theme
  • systematically work through the content and layout of the About page and the pages explaining various services and products

I’ve looked at the current crop of Studio Press’s Genesis mobile responsive child themes and I’m thinking the eleven40 Pro theme (see screenshot below) might be the one that best suits my purposes.

Genesis eleven40 Pro child theme screenshot

Also Blogging More Regularly!

Those are important considerations and steps, but I know they won’t substitute for more frequent and regular blogging. So planning and executing on that will be part of the mix.

As a small step in that direction, I am experimenting with making every Monday a blogging day, so that I start the week with at least one or two blog posts completed. And for starters I’m writing this one on a Monday.

A Work in Progress

I know there is a lot more to be done to ensure that my website and blog are well structured, maintained and regularly tweaked to ensure they are:

  • easily readable – and helpful – whether on a desktop, a tablet or a phone, and
  • helping me build leads and maintain/generate business.

I have a few ideas about that and will be doing some experimenting as I go.

If you have any suggestions about making the site and the blog more informative/helpful to readers and more business-effective for me, you will have my full attention.

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