This post is an unabashed promo for a social media workshop I’ll be doing a couple of weeks from now here on my home turf on Australia’s Gold Coast, on August 25th, with my friend and colleague, Associate Professor Michael Rees, from Bond University.

The two hour workshop is by way of an introduction to the concept and practice of developing a social media roadmap for a business or organisation – or for an individual career, for that matter. It’s being delivered as part of the program of Bond University’s Centre for Executive Education (CEE). You can get an idea of the workshop’s content from this video, in which Centre Director Melinda Muir interviews Michael and me.

The event will be held on Tuesday 25th August at University Club, Level 3, University Centre, Bond University.

Michael has set up a neat site, using Google Moderator, to provide a way for people planning to attend the workshop to raise, in advance, any issues and questions they may have on the topic of a developing a social media roadmap.

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