At Business and Blogging I’ve posted about some challenges I faced recently with upgrading WordPress sites.

The problem I mentioned there about not being able to type into the editing pane in the Write Post section of site, or being able to type in and then having the text disappear when I hit Save and Continue Editing, arose here too. Through trial and error I found that the problem arose on the Internet Explorer 7 browser, but not on Mozilla Firefox.

Having sorted that out, I felt I could get on with actually blogging, rather than fiddling, in my non-technical way, with the innards of the machine. ‘Twas not to be.

I now have the mystery of the text in all my posts being centered, not left justified. But it is happening in one browser – you guessed it, IE7 : in Mozilla Firefox it’s left justified as I intend it to be. I’m including the IE7 screenshot because I’m hoping the problem will be solved within the next 24 hours: I’ve emailed Ainslie Johnson who developed this WP-Andreas09 theme and in the past I’ve found her both prompt and helpful in replying. As the screenshot shows, the centering has also affected the links in the sidebars.

I tried another theme, in case this was a problem just with WP-Andreas09. But while that theme, the very elegant Tarski, got the justification sorted it would not display the info in the sidebars.

text centering

(Update – April 21: Ainslie Johnson did reply very promptly, as I had anticipated. She commented that I might have some faulty xhtml code and suggested I run a validation test. Well, the validation test did indicate a problem with the code but I couldn’t see that problem in the editing pane on WordPress. And with other themes the unwanted centering did not happen. Have reluctantly switched themes, as I don’t have the time/expertise to figure this out and fix it otherwise. I still think WP-Andreas09 is a great theme.)

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