WordFrame Partners with Webarts for Asia-Pacific

ITBrix/ WordFrame announced last week, via PRWeb, the appointment of my company as solution providers for WordFrame – with a special emphasis on our Asia Pacific region. I’m excited about this. In various forums and conversations and on this and other blogs I have been promoting the use of social media in business for a…


Professors Report on Ways to Deal with Online Attacks

I think we can take it as read that any contemporary senior executive has at some point considered the possibility of his or her company having to deal with criticism, even a concerted campaign of criticism, online. It would be interesting to know whether many of those executives have taken that thought to the next…

Is Brisbane, Australia Ready for a Social Media Club?

Q. What’s the difference between Boston, Massachusetts and Brisbane, Queensland? A. A lot. At opposite ends of the earth, for one thing. Different climates and time zones. I could go on. But the point of this post is really that Boston has an obviously thriving Social Media Club and Brisbane doesn’t have one at all….

Enterprise 2.0 and Knowledge Management: Interview with Stephen Collins

Picture courtesy Ruth Ellison Yesterday I had the pleasure of interviewing Stephen Collins, Founder and CEO of acidlabs, a company focused on supporting enterprises with the organization and management of knowledge. After speaking with Stephen, I’m even more convinced than previously that private and public sector enterprises need to address seriously the implications of the…