Feeling Left Out – How Do I Get an Invite to Try WordPress.com?

p>Posted today at my Thinking Home Business about the fact that someone I know well, who has not blogged at all to date, received not one, but two wordpress.com invitations today. I would love to know the secret of getting one of these blogs. Google hasn’t been much help – must try a post on…


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This blog replaces the previous deswalsh.com website, which was really not much more than a placeholder for my deswalsh.com domain name, with some links to some other sites of mine, such as my Thinking Home Business blog, where I’ve been posting several times a week for nine months now. During that time, in my self-appointed…


This website/blog is being developed as a new ‘home site’ for my business – mainly coaching and blogging at this stage. It’s based on WordPress and that involves a significant learning curve for me.