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Dr Larry Cornett is a business advisor and career consultant and Founder of Brilliant Forge. He helps people redefine their career, regain their freedom, and reclaim their life.

Prior to founding Brilliant Forge, Larry was a product and design executive with over 18 years of experience designing, defining, and building consumer products at a number of technology and internet companies in Silicon Valley; including Apple Computer, Yahoo, eBay, and IBM. Most recently, he was the Vice President of Consumer Products for Yahoo! Search, leading a team of product managers, designers, and developers who were focused on creating world-class Search experiences to compete with Google and Bing.

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Different styles of leadership needed for different contexts

Brilliant ForgeThe style of leadership you need to use varies with the type of people that you’re managing.

Also with a global team there are different cultural considerations, with varying expectations about leadership and differences in the practice of leadership. And with different levels of seniority there are different issues to consider.

Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence

In 1993, some of the change we are looking at now was deemed “just around the corner”.

Now, with processing power and the miniaturization of components we have reached a point where what was dreamed of can now become a reality.

I think we’re right on the edge of a big transformation. It’s got some really good points, I think. There’s a lot of concern as well.

On the theme of concerns about impact, Larry mentioned the acquisition this year by Uber of the company Otto with its autonomous (“self-driving”) trucks.

So the fear is – I don’t know how long it’s going to take – that’s going to put over two and a half million people out of work. That’s kind of the flipside of the promise. Every time you do this – you automate something – somebody loses a job.

We Also Discussed

Education – we need to educate children to teach themselves: learn how to learn.

Leadership for global teams – a different style of leadership; requires practice; a whole new style people are going to have to learn.

Transaction-thinking vs Relationship-building and the lifetime value of a customer (LVC).

The increasing necessity for business leaders to become active on social media and deal with the challenge of committing the necessary time (some practical advice here).

What keeps startup founders awake at night?

The velocity required for execution and growth.

Hungry competitors – other startups.

Giant companies with deep pockets – uneven contest.

Larry’s Software Project

VoiceKick is a micropodcasting app for IOS. Their Pearl app combines voice with photos you have on your phone and allows you to make a 60 sec video with narration. Search for these on the App Store using VoiceKick for the search term.

More about Larry and Contact Details

As well as being part of those larger corporations, Larry has founded his own small businesses and tech startups.

He received his Ph.D. in Psychology from Rice University with an emphasis on Human Factors and Human-Computer Interaction.

On Twitter, he is @cornett

On his Brilliant Forge website there is Contact page.

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