Fresh Start

This site has just been moved to its new server at HostGator, which gives me a lot more flexibility and value for money – for one thing, I doubt there will be messages for a long time yet, telling me I’m running out of server capacity, as I was wont to receive from the previous, more expensive service I was using.

The blog posts the site has accumulated on the previous server have not made the transition yet, although I have backed up the content. I will reinstate, as best I can, those that seem worth the effort.

One of the features of the latest version of WordPress is to be able to set a page as the front page and as this is currently more of a home site for my various business activities, rather than a regular blog (for now anyway), that was an attraction in upgrading the site.

Update April 13. I’m experimenting now with not utilising the static front page option and am back to having the latest post on the front page: it will be interesting to see which works better.

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