Work with Des

Work with Des

Des Walsh

You’re an entrepreneurial business leader: 

  • In today’s fast-moving world of business you want to be ahead of your competitors, not playing catch-up
  • You want to be operating at your highest level of productivity, and know your team’s doing that too
  • You want to know you’re taking the right steps to not be blindsided by disruptive technology

That’s the ideal, but you live in the real world and you have to deal with real people and daily challenges. Good intentions are not enough.

Being in charge is exhilarating, isn’t it? But can also be wearing and even risky. The average tenure of chief executives of public companies is around 4.8 years. For smaller firms and professional services practices the tenure may be longer, but there are pressures still.

And anyone who has been or is a CEO knows the truth of the old saying, it’s lonely at the top. It can be very character-forming (i.e. scary) that the buck stops with you.

Then there is the contemporary phenomenon of digital disruption. Of course there has always been disruption, from the invention of writing to the invention of the printing press and the whole industrial age, but disruption now has a velocity and reach that puts special and unprecedented pressure on leaders.

You know all this. But just knowing it won’t help you break out of the bind you feel yourself in.

And “more of the same” effort is not going to produce the results you and your company need. In fact, it might just lead to burnout.

Which won’t help anyone, least of all you.

What you need is a circuit breaker.

A way to get out of the bind and be able to lead more effectively without more stress.

My mission is to help business executives in small and medium business meet confidently the challenges of the digital age, lead their teams well, deliver great results and stay balanced and happy in the process.

Business Leadership for the Digital Age

A customized program of support for entrepreneurial leaders. For this I draw on my advanced coaching skills,  my life experience, what I have learned from 20+ years in business, my strengths in networking and idea-generation, and my expertise as a social media strategist. Read more …

Social Media for Leaders

Social Media for Business Leaders is designed to enhance social media knowledge, language, skills and confidence for business owners and executives who are ready to be in charge of the process, not swamped by it. Read more …


The premier professional networking site LinkedInnow has over 450 million members and over 1.6 million groups. An optimized, active LinkedIn account is now a must for any business professional. I show business leaders how to have an effective presence on LinkedIn. Read more …

Not sure?

If you are not sure which, if any, of the above is for you and you would like to talk with me about your situation and how I might be of service, why not grab an available spot in my timetable and let’s chat: just click here to secure your spot.