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VIP Day – LinkedIn Kickstart

VIP Day LinkedIn Kickstart summary

Business owners, CEOs, Senior Executives, Coaches, Consultants …

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Is this you?

  • You know that more and more businesses are using LinkedIn
  • You know your LinkedIn profile could use some work
  • Invitations keep coming to connect on LinkedIn, but mostly from strangers
  • You find the whole LinkedIn setup confusing and wonder how you could make it work for you
  • It’s on your To Do list but you are not sure where to start.

Then you have plenty of company.

And there’s one other thing that surely stops many people from getting deeply enough into LinkedIn to have it work effectively for their business.

It’s not sexy.

It’s not built for fun.

It’s built for business.

Which is ok if you are in business.

But we all like some fun in our lives and at least with Facebook and Twitter and various other social platforms it’s easy enough to see how you can mix business with pleasure.

LinkedIn, by comparison, is so serious.

Fact is, there is an element of “eat your vegetables” involved for anyone who wants to get serious about LinkedIn and integrate it into their business strategy.

And LinkedIn is not easy to navigate.

Numerous conversations over the years and countless discussions in online forums are evidence that there are many smart business people who, quite simply, find just trying to get around the LinkedIn site confusing and frustrating.

And many of them, after an initial foray, don’t bother going further.

They move on to something else.

Meanwhile, the people who have taken the trouble to figure out how LinkedIn works, and get some expert coaching on it, are finding good prospects and are being found by the kind of potential customers or business collaborators they want to be found by.

If you want to be one of those LinkedIn winners, and learn fast how to do that, then it’s time to check out the VIP Day – LinkedIn Kickstart.

VIP Day - LinkedIn Kickstart

The VIP Day – LinkedIn Kickstart will:

  • demystify LinkedIn – show you how it works and how you can make it work for you
  • get your LinkedIn profile doing justice to you, your personal brand and what you offer
  • induct you into the incredibly busy but complex world of LinkedIn groups
  • show you the tools LinkedIn gives you to be a thought leader in your industry and how to use them

Is this for you?

It could be, if you:

  • are a business owner, CEO, senior executive, or a solo professional
  • want to get really clear about how LinkedIn works and how it can work for you
  • want an up-to-date, search-optimised LinkedIn profile
  • probably have a B2B company or practice
  • have been putting off sorting out your LinkedIn presence and don’t feel good about that
  • don’t want to do courses
  • don’t want to sit in a room with a bunch of others, especially competitors, having to share your confidential business intelligence and get, at best, generic information in return

How does it work?

  • this is a private, one-on-one VIP Day, where we work together via phone or Skype, and you are able to do this from the comfort of your own office or home (there will be breaks!)
  • two options – full day (7 hours, 9 am to 4 pm) or half day (4 hours, 9 am to 1 pm)
  • before the VIP Day there is a preliminary, 50 minute meeting by phone, Skype or Google Plus, focused on your specific business needs and goals and how LinkedIn can help
  • on the day we work systematically through a previously agreed agenda focused completely on helping you amplify your presence, reach, engagement and influence on and via LinkedIn
  • follow-up phone conference within 30 days of the VIP Day, as a refresher and to answer specific questions about implementation

What’s the Benefit?

At the end of the VIP Day, you will:

  • have an up-to-date, search optimised LinkedIn profile
  • have a clear strategy to amplify your presence, reach, engagement and influence on and via LinkedIn
  • have a strategy for using LinkedIn Groups and LinkedIn publishing, tailored to your specific business objectives
  • have a LinkedIn brand (“company”) page, optimised for search and engagement

Your Personal VIP Day Coach

Des WalshDes Walsh has been in business for over 20 years. He is a business coach, social media specialist and LinkedIn expert. His coach training was with Coachville and he is a Certified Social Media Strategist from the California-based Society3 Academy. He is co-author of LinkedIn for Recruiting, one of the first books published about how to use LinkedIn, and is the founder of the not-for-profit biannual event 30 Day Linking Blitz and owner of the 30 Day Linking Blitz Group on LinkedIn.

He writes for the leading social business sites, Social Media Today, My Venture Pad, Customer Think and business2community. Des has given presentations on blogging, LinkedIn and social media strategy in Australia, the USA and China. See also Des’s LinkedIn profile.

Ready for your own VIP Day?

The VIP Day requires a serious commitment and is not for everyone. So there is a short application form to complete – just email Des at and say you want to reserve your place for your own VIP Day – LinkedIn Kickstart.

If you feel this is made for you, don’t delay. Just email me at or use the Contact form and tell me you want to reserve your place for your own VIP Day – LinkedIn Kickstart.

As soon as I get your request I’ll send you the link to an online form to complete. This will help me see if you qualify- be assured I only work with people where I am confident there is a good fit and they are likely to get exceptional value from working with me – and we’ll take it from there.

Like the idea but want to address the bigger picture?

If you like the idea of the VIP Day but want to look at the bigger picture of social business, see the separate VIP Day – Social Business page, for information and registration details.

Des Walsh

Social Media Strategist, Business Coach, LinkedIn Expert
Web: Des Walsh dot Com
LinkedIn Profile:

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