Des Walsh, International Speaker

I love public speaking, with large or small groups.

I’ve been speaking in public for years and have done so in the USA, China and Australia.

And the more interaction with those attending, the more I enjoy it.

So, depending on my business schedule, I’m available for occasional speaking engagements.

I present in English.

It’s probably the Irish in me that I love telling stories. For business presentations that means using real-live examples and case-studies to illustrate key points and make the learning more interesting and lasting.

I’ll add a workshop or three if that is required and appropriate.

I’m happy to travel to the four corners of the planet, or around the corner – with appropriate provision of travel and accommodation as part of the deal.


  • Executive Leadership for the Digital Age
  • Social Media Strategy
  • LinkedIn Mastery



This video is from a presentation a few years ago at Australia’s Federal Parliament House, Canberra. Some of it is a bit dated (who remembers now the highly tweeted Iran-wide protests against the outcome of that country’s Presidential elections in 2009?), but the general messages are still relevant not just for the political/public service audience of the day but for corporate leaders and other business professionals, and it shows my style of presentation, where I my aim is to combine:

  • useful content tailored to the audience of the day
  • practical examples
  • humour
  • very limited use of PowerPoint – mainly for visually illustrating a key pointg



To check on my possible availability for your conference, workshop or other event, please get in touch via the Contact page here. Let me know the organization, topic, date, time and location and what role you envisage me playing.

(Save us both time and don’t get in touch if you want a speaker who doesn’t need to be paid – I’m really over the lure of engagements where the only attraction is “exposure” or the potential for “great connections”.)