Let's Talk Leadership podcast show

Podcast Guest Notes

Let’s Talk Leadership: Conversations about Challenges and Opportunities for Leadership in the Digital Age


The Podcast Show

The Let’s Talk Leadership podcast show, with executive business coach Des Walsh as host, is broadcast every two weeks and focuses on leadership for the digital age.

It includes regular interviews with leaders, leadership coaches and authors.


In business, government, not-for-profits and community organizations, leaders today face special challenges from the convergence of dramatic changes in society, work and technology, not least from the impact of social media. But this era of digital disruption also brings opportunities for leaders savvy enough, skilled enough and willing enough to seize those opportunities and run with them.

The Let’s Talk Leadership show provides a space for sharing stories about leadership. Some stories about leadership are, in essence, as old as time. Some are new, or newly framed, for this digital age.  By sharing our stories and perspectives we can all learn how the challenges and opportunities of this time can be met most effectively.


Format is a 20-25 minute conversation with host Des Walsh via Zoom  You get a link to that in an email before the interview and that connects you to Des’s Zoom – see explanatory video below.

The intention is to give each guest the opportunity to talk about the topic of leadership for the digital age, by way of stories, comments and observations, from their expertise and interest.

For examples of previous episodes, go to the podcast show site at this link.

Scheduling a day and time

Once we have agreement for you to be a guest on the program, you will receive a web link for you to book a day and time for your session.

Short Bio and Picture

Each guest is asked to provide in advance of the interview session, a short bio, no more than about 300 words, and a headshot picture for the show notes.


In an email before we start the podcast conversation, I’ll include some disclaimer text which is as non-legalistic as I can make it. The idea is that by acknowledging that email you will be accepting the terms of the disclaimer. If for any reason you have a problem with any element of the disclaimer, please let me know so that hopefully we can sort it out.

Here is the relevant section of that email:

I can’t pay you for this interview. So, treat this like a radio appearance instead. It’s your chance to get free publicity and share your expertise with an audience who’s eager to hear it.
I may edit parts of the interview. I won’t rearrange your words, just edit for clarity, remove any verbal clutter (ums, ahs, etc) and shorten it if it runs too long. I want you to shine and to be seen as the star and some editing (if necessary) helps me to achieve this.
I will use the interview and your picture to promote my podcast. I plan to tell everyone I know for as long as my podcast exists that you were featured in one of my episodes. Hope you don’t mind.
You can announce the interview to your network, but don’t feel like you have to. I’ll send you a quick email to let you know that the interview is ready. Send the link out to your friends, your mailing list, your customers or to no one. It’s up to you.
Overall, be yourself. Don’t tell me any trade secrets if you’re not allowed to and just double check any facts that you’ll share with me.

Connection details

Guest and host need to connect on Zoom.us.

Using a headset or earbuds on Zoom helps ensure a good quality of sound.

We usually begin with video, then switch to audio only for the recording, as this helps ensure that the link does not deteriorate.

This short video explains how to connect with Zoom.

The podcast interview is recorded, not live, so:

  • there is flexibility of time for the interview
  • glitches can be edited out before the episode is published


Email: deswalsh@gmail.com
Phone: International  +61 413 089 355 | In Australia 0413 089 355

LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/deswalsh