Picture of laptop and coffee, for new group

Des Walsh business coachHi, I’m Des and I’m seriously launching a new group on Facebook, the Coffee Break Network.

I may come to regret this but right now it feels good. And I have already had some positive feedback.

Rationale and Group Concept

First, why am I doing this?

My Linking Business Professionals group on LinkedIn (originally the 30 Day LinkedIn Blitz Group) has passed its use-by date, I am increasingly unimpressed by the user interface for LinkedIn Groups, and as LinkedIn seems to be on a path of completely hobbling group owners , I decided it was time to move on.

But I love having a group where people can come together, discuss, share and help one another.

There are many of us in business who want to thrive, not just survive, and I am a firm believer in the value of community – actually, the necessity of community – to help us do that.

I like facilitating open, non-manipulative conversation between smart people. I learn from the wisdom of the community. From creating and leading online groups I have made many wonderful professional connections and enduring personal friendships, and I like that!

It gives me another way to let people know what I do professionally and hopefully attract some business.

Business is a conversation because the defining work of business is conversation – literally.

David Weinberger, The ClueTrain Manifesto

Group Concept

This will be a business-focused group.

The concept is: A sharing community discussing business – ethical, profitable, part of a balanced life.

How will it work?

  • Relishing conversation without pitching
  • Prioritizing conversation and relationships
  • Building relationships one at a time
  • Cooperative not competitive
  • Encouraging referrals
  • Encouraging and facilitating virtual coffee (or tea) meetups between individuals
  • Spam free, hustle free zone
  • Ask and get questions answered in a trusted environment
  • Providing opportunities to share challenges and successes

Who is it for?

Business owners, entrepreneurs, consultants, business coaches, life coaches – i.e. just about anyone interested in business.


Of course!

  • No promos, no links to own sites, however ingeniously done
  • If you can’t converse without trying to turn every exchange into a business opportunity, this is not the group for you
  • The usual zero tolerance for divisive comments, personal abuse etc
  • A member is allowed to be annoyed or offended by an executive decision of mine and I am allowed not to be too bothered by that – community always comes first
  • Other rules I may think of or which may come to be seen as necessary

Conversations among human beings sound human. They are conducted in a human voice.

#3 of 95 Theses, The Cluetrain Manifesto


If you are interested, mildly or strongly, I would very much appreciate your taking this short survey (click the button below) to help me in framing and building this group.

And if you are not interested in participating but would like to share from your experience and perspective, I would still love for you to take the survey.


News Flash!

The group – Coffee Break Network – has now been launched and is open for conversation, coffee (or tea) and business.

To apply to join, click on this link: