LinkedIn Special Offer


Special Offer

This is a special offer of my LinkedIn Reboot service, for participants in Lauren Clemett’s Brandworking Webinar.

The LinkedIn Reboot offers a fast, effective way for you to:

  • Get your LinkedIn Professional Profile working more effectively for you
  • Ramp up your LinkedIn Strategy to achieve better, measurable results for your business

It’s one-on-one, focused, delivered via video link on Skype.

There are two sessions, starting with a full hour, then with a follow up 15 minutes no later than 2 weeks later, and with email exchanges in between.

The program is flexible and we work together to meet your objectives. For some that means focusing on getting your Professional Profile fully optimised. For others, who already have an optimised profile, we do a quick review of the profile to ensure you have not overlooked options for further enhancement, then move into a thorough review of your LinkedIn Strategy (and if you don’t have one yet, you are not alone, but fear not as you will have one when we are done).

But whether on the day our primary focus is on your Profile or your Strategy, there is just the one signup. My promise to you is that, if you choose to take up this offer, I will be committed to helping you take your LinkedIn engagement to a higher level,  to deliver the results you need.

Normal investment: $497

Special offer for participants in the Brandworking Webinar: $297

That’s a discount of 40%.

That won’t last long.

Here’s the link to sign up:

Some people may not be able to attend the live webinar and will be taking the recorded option, so I am keeping the offer open for just a few days, till

  • 2 am Australian Eastern Time (Sydney), Friday August 28,
  • which is 12 noon, US Eastern Daylight Time (New York), on Thursday August 27.

To check matching times/days for other locations, go to Time and Date International Meeting Planner.


Des Walsh
Co-author, LinkedIn for Recruiting
Founder: Linking Business Professionals Group on LinkedIn