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LinkedIn social platformLinkedIn for Recruiting book, by Bill Vick and Des WalshOne of Des Walsh’s specialties is showing businesses how to have an effective presence on LinkedIn and how to use the platform to grow your business or career.

He has given many presentations on social media and especially LinkedIn, to business groups, technology specialists, and Chambers of Commerce, and has been a speaker to large and small groups, on social media and LinkedIn, in Australia, the USA and China.

Since Des joined LinkedIn in 2004 the platform has grown exponentially to its current membership of over 467 million and has been through many changes in the process. Those changes are still going on, which has one unfortunate side effect in making the platform more difficult for many people to understand and use effectively.

Des is passionate about demystifying LinkedIn for business professionals, most of whom don’t have the time or patience to sort through all the complexities of the platform. Des has the knowledge, experience and skill to explain the basics in plain language and then provide a strategy to help business people become comfortable and capable in using LinkedIn to grow their businesses.

Des co-authored one of the first books on LinkedIn, the best-selling, recruiters’ guide LinkedIn for Recruiting. For over ten years he has managed groups dedicated to using LinkedIn more effectively: founding manager in 2005 of the LinkedIn Bloggers Group, then founder of the bi-annual, not for profit 30 Day Linking Blitz project and the related 30 Day Linking Blitz Group, which later became the Linking Business Professionals Group (ownership now transferred to Scott Allen and group renamed as Link’d Intelligence Mastermind).

In his presentations and LinkedIn coaching, Des shares simple but powerful techniques and “insider” knowledge, free of hype and jargon, to help you get to grips quickly with making LinkedIn work for you. Those techniques and knowledge include:

  • Optimising your LinkedIn Profile for search results that convert to business
  • How to build your professional LinkedIn network strategically (Hint: most don’t)
  • How to get great Recommendations to improve your authority on LinkedIn
  • Finding your ideal clients locally, regionally, nationally
  • LinkedIn Company page – whether you need it and how you could use it
  • How to choose whether Premium or Basic (free) membership is right for you
  • Using LinkedIn Groups and authorship to grow your connections and influence
  • Turning LinkedIn into a powerful market research tool through Advanced Search

Services provided include:

  • LinkedIn keynote or panel membership
  • LinkedIn profile makeover
  • Personal LinkedIn strategy
  • Corporate workshops

Linkedin Keynote and Panel membership

Des has presented on LinkedIn to many groups over the past ten or more years. He is known for the practical way he demystifies LinkedIn and shows audience members how they can immediately apply proven principles and strategies to improve their presence, engagement and influence on LinkedIn.

Over the years I have known Des he has always impressed me with his down-to-earth style and genuine desire to help others. I recently had the great pleasure of partnering with Des at a Brand Slam event and was further impressed by his depth of knowledge and understanding of the nuances of LinkedIn. If you get the opportunity to attend an event where Des is speaking or training then go for it, because what you learn from Des will totally clarify how you can use this impressive on-line marketing tool to build and develop a very strong personal brand for yourself.
Lauren Clemett    Gold Coast, Australia
Personal Branding Specialist | Neurobranding Speaker | Best Selling Author

For more about engaging Des as a Keynote speaker or Panel member for your next event, click here.


LinkedIn coaching and other services

At the moment there are two basic options for personal LinkedIn coaching and an option for corporate workshops.

The information here is very much a basic outline – please get in touch (details below) if you would like some more information to help you make a decision.

LinkedIn Profile Makeover

The better your LinkedIn profile and its content are structured, the more you are likely to be found by the people who are most likely to be interested in what you have to offer.  This makeover is to support you in gettin your profile up to speed, helping you put your best LinkedIn foot forward.

The makeover includes:

  • email exchange to clarify what you want to achieve via LinkedIn
  • 40 minute, one on one consultation, using Skype with screen sharing
  • follow up email with comments and suggestions for refining your profile
  • invitation to join my professional network on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Strategy

There is more than one way to use LinkedIn effectively. The LinkedIn Strategy coaching looks at your business objectives and helps you develop a strategy to make the best possible use of LinkedIn in a way that suits your particular business or career.

It includes:

  • initial email exchange to establish a shared understanding of how LinkedIn can support your business objectives
  • a personal, 60 minute online consultation using Skype screen sharing to be able to pinpoint specific items in your LinkedIn profile
  • email follow up to ensure smooth implementation
  • invitation to join my professional network on LinkedIn


Corporate Workshops

If you are interested in a company or group workshop, either online (easily done) or live (travel and other costs could need to be added), please get in touch (see details below for making contact).

A free startup or re-boot guide

From various conferences, webinars and conversations over recent years I have noticed a need for a basic “get started” (or re-started) guide to LinkedIn. So I put together a really basic guide: if you would like to have that, with my compliments, just provide the details below and I’ll send you the download details.

Ask me about any of this

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about any of the above. You can use:

  • the Contact page on this site
  • email at coach(at)deswalsh(dot)com

If you would like to talk on Skype, send me your Skype username details via the Contact or email options and we can then connect via Skype.