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A Laptop Lifestyle Business

This is rather long. I have tried to share as well as I can how this business works.

Basically what I do is share an online marketing platform which is allied with high ticket products, and I receive a healthy commission for any sales made through my marketing efforts.

How do I do that? Putting it as simply as I can, I do that in one of two ways. Both of which use what is called attraction marketing. That is, people are attracted to us, we don’t chase them!

The first way is that, on Facebook mainly, I share my story and my business journey to this point and invite people who are curious about that to ask me for more information. Then I share with them a link to a webinar.

The second way is to create a Facebook ad, choose a target audience through Facebook’s advertising platform (targeting by age, sex, location, interests) and if they are interested, they can click a link attached to my ad, and that will take them to the webinar.

Whichever way they come to the webinar, if they like what they see and hear, they click on another link that will take them to a site where they can get a whole lot more information and decide if they want to go further and create their own online business on our platform and join our team. They book a time with a coach who will guide them through the options available, so they can choose how they want to start and proceed.

That will include identifying what products they want to purchase and how that decision relates to their preferred business strategy – yes, it is a business, it has real products!

Then the system kicks in with arranging all the paperwork and ensuring that they receive the products they’ve ordered. And because you have introduced them and that is all coded to you, you will receive a commission for your marketing efforts.

The big thing to remember here is that you don’t have to be a product expert or be able to explain the products. That is all handled in the online training system, so you can get all the information you need, but with our system that is not what you will be focusing on when people are responding to your invitation to find out about the platform.

What you will be focused on is the business side of it.

I train and coach you to build your own business online – then you can show others how to do the same.

And my payment for helping and training you is a percentage of commission for every person you bring in through your marketing efforts. Once you reach a certain point in the commission plan, I will stop receiving those commissions and you will be up and running!

It’s a community as well. So once you make it to that point, you will still be part of the community. We provide complete step by step training through video tutorials and have all of about 8000+ marketers from beginners to experts working together.

It’s kind of like a family… it’s a bit hard to believe at first that everyone would be so helpful, but it grows on you! ? We’re all in it for the same reasons and the people who join this community get that straight away.

In the community we really push personal development as well, which is why everyone is so positive minded.

The big emphasis on personal development might surprise you a bit at first, but from my first-hand experience it’s totally worth it. And all the leaders who have been phenomenally successful will tell you that is the true, “secret sauce” for their success. So why not do what the successful people do?

The personal development side keeps your mind focused on the positives, and in turn it helps your business flourish. It’s a practical application of the Law of Attraction.

And as well as seeing the personal development work helping you grow your business, you will begin to see that it will also help your relationships with family, friends, spouse, and your current day job. (Typically, once people surpass their previous income they just hit this business as their main focus, because of the unlimited potential they come to see in it).

By the way, talking about relationships, we don’t chase our family and friends to join us. There are millions of people out there who would love to do what we do if only they knew about it, and all we have to do it get the word out.

So basically this is an offer to join me as a team member where I train you, and in turn when you start to grow and accumulate sales, we both make money. Win-win.

You will be a business owner which means being your own boss. Pick your hours, work as much or as little as you want, and put your own flair into it.

Obviously, you get out what you put in, but there is no ceiling here. No wage cap or salary cap, and we have some massive earners with us who have achieved it in a short time. And I’m talking up to $4,400 per transaction, which would go straight to you.

Pretty soon, you will probably be talking to your accountant about the potential tax advantages in being a business owner.

In a nutshell, online affiliate marketing is a form of direct selling, where you receive a commission on products sold through your introduction. You may or may not know that 90% of sales online are done through an affiliate link.

What we do that sets us apart from other direct marketing businesses is that our platform handles 90% of the leg work for you!

We have systems in place to automate 90% of the workload that anybody trying to do this on their own would have to do and learn! And it would cost them a load of money and a lot of time.

What we do is put technology to work for you.

This saves you a pile of money, compared to your setting yourself with an online platform and trying to do this on your own. The Founders of this business have already spent the money and built the platform and programs to help automate it all, so that the newest person coming in has a really good chance of success before they even get the thought of “oh this was harder than it sounded” and quit!

And understand that you do not have to go door-to-door or try and get your family and friends to sign up. In fact, apart from all the rejection you’d have to deal with, that would be a very wasteful use of your time and energy.

It’s much smarter and more efficient to see your customer base as the entire world of the internet! As long as somebody has the internet, they are a potential customer, which means that there is a HUGE potential customer base! Just under 2 BILLION on Facebook alone, and projected to be 3 billion by 2020…

We teach you how to get our offer in front of the right people who would be interested in joining your team. The technology platform then takes care of all the details of helping people team up with you and get their products, and – as they have joined your business and copy what you have done and build their own teams – their own commissions.

It does cost money to make money. It always has and always will. To receive the coaching, a tactical coaching call from one of the top coaches, and the step by step training, costs $99. That is risk-free, because if you decide within 14 days that this is not for you, there is a 100% refund.

More positively, that $99 introduces you to our 90% automated system, and includes my mentorship where I’ll coach and train you on building your business online via social media, especially Facebook.

The platform also provides you with an online, personally branded, affiliate landing page and sales funnel linked to you.

We help you complete any paperwork that’s needed, and you have access to our private site which provides loads of value, in the form of various training videos to teach and train you on any aspect you want to work on.

We also introduce you to a private community of 8,000+ marketers, ranging from beginners to social media pros, from the tech illiterates to master geeks. There is always someone to help answer any questions and give you support with anything you need.

Also, one you have made that commitment, you have access immediately to 3.5 to 4 hours of coaching. This helps you see, in detail, the opportunity that the internet has given everyday people to be able to make as much or more money online as they do at their day job.

The training also helps you get rid of any old, limiting beliefs and helps you map out your goals and get you focussed on how you’re going to reach those goals.

As well, the training and your session with the coach show you how to map out your own business plan for marketing this business opportunity and the amazing products.

The great thing is if you get through the training and don’t think it’s a fit for you, you have 14 days to get your $99 back!

Or if you are an action-taker and want to get started right away and get into the coaching, let me know and I’ll get you plugged in. When I say that, I must emphasise that the training is so far only in English and I don’t have a solution for that right now.

If the concept speaks to you and you want to know more, I am sure you will have questions, I may be able to find a fluent Spanish speaker in our community who could answer particular questions.

Did it all that make sense for you so far? Let me know what questions come out of it.

With best wishes