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My e-book7 Step Business Blog, is a basic introduction to blogging. It's written to help business owners and executives who are not techies and are looking for a straightforward explanation of the essential information they need to start - and continue - blogging. It is also available in Mandarin Chinese - for information on how to obtain a copy of the Chinese version, please contact us via this link.

The Longer Story

Business Blogging for the Rest of Us

What's a blog?

Why should I care?

Can it help me make money?

These are just a few of the questions business people are starting to ask about blogs (or 'weblogs').

People are noticing stories in the media about blogging and some are wondering whether this might be a useful technology for their business.

The short answer is, yes, this could be a very useful technology for your business.

Think about this - here are just three ways your business can benefit from blogging:

For a few years now, businesses large and small have been discovering the benefits of blogging and the take-up rate is increasing exponentially.

When I tell business owners this, the more go-ahead ones are interested - they want to know more.

But one of their biggest concerns is, how do you penetrate all the tech-speak, especially if you are not a techie?

That's where I come in. Over the years I've been paid a lot of money to explain from a practical viewpoint as an executive and then as a business owner, how particular technologies can help business. I'm not a techie, so while that means I have to work hard to understand what some new technologies are about, it also means I have to be able to translate all the techno-jargon into plain English, which I find is very much appreciated by other non-technical people.

(One of my jobs as a senior executive in the public service was to have to brief ministers and politicians on technical issues so that they could understand enough to speak intelligently about them. And you probably know how short the attention span is of the average politician!)

And then there's time. The successful businesspeople I know do not have a lot of spare time that they can devote to learning about some new technology - hard enough keeping up with the existing technology! Again, I do the homework and condense the key information into 'bite-sized chunks'.

I also have some very savvy tech-head colleagues around the world to call on when I'm out of my depth!

Anyway, after I'd had several conversations about blogging with my friend and fellow business coach, Bill Lee-Emery, the Work-Life Balance Guy, and helped him set up his own blog, he said, 'You have to do this - you have to show people how to set up their own blogs'.

That's when I decided to formalize what I'd been doing informally and become a blogging evangelist! And so that people would not have to take a lot of notes and so I could share what I knew with a lot of people at once, I set to work to write a book on business blogging, which became 7 Step Business Blog.

7 Step Business Blog is a plain English (and now Chinese also) guide for business people who want to:

7 Step Business Blog answers the seven basic questions I get asked regularly, from 'What's a Blog?' to 'How Do I Make Money from a Blog?' and is designed to take anyone through the basic steps to understanding what blogging can do for your business to having a blog up and running.

This is not a book for people who know a lot about blogging, so if you are a pro blogger - or a technical wizard who is likely to get impatient with my explanations - there are other books out there which will probably suit you better (try Amazon). So if that's you, my recommendation is to log off from here now.

This book is for people who get impatient with even the most basic internet jargon terms. They want to cut to the chase and find out what might work for them and then, if they want to proceed, how to put it into practice, in their own non-techie language. Yes, inevitably I do use some technical terms in the book, but each and every such term is explained in lay person's language.

For more information check out the dedicated 7 Step Business Blog site7 Step Business Blog site.


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