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I feel blessed every day that on a day to day basis we are effectively free of the pandemic-related restrictions many around the world are experiencing. Not to mention the tragedy of the hospitalisations, deaths, and reports of “long COVID” – people suffering long term ill effects of infection.

But about this time last year I did have a serious challenge in the health sphere.

A health issue I’d been experiencing turned out to be more serious than had been previously diagnosed.

As the new diagnosis showed, it was The Big C – bowel cancer.

I’m hugely grateful that the operation which followed rapidly on the diagnosis was successful. And the prayers, expressions of love and other support from family and friends worldwide were I believe a big factor in my recovery.

Because I did recover, thank God.

But full recovery took a while, literally months, and a lot of things fell by the wayside for some months.

Recently a friend asked “Has anything changed for you from that experience?” I said one thing is that I now value each day as a gift, more consciously than I have in the past.

Another thing was about money. 

The Money Lesson

As I recuperated, at times I became very frustrated with not having my usual energy

Not being able to concentrate for as long as I was used to, not being able to put in a good day’s work without getting over-tired.

I realised with absolute clarity that what I needed was a business that did not depend on my being fit and healthy for five or more days every week – week in, week out, month in, month out, year in, year out.

I needed a passive income, and a substantial one at that.

For financial freedom and time freedom now, and financial security in the future.

I needed to be making money while I sleep.

I needed money to be coming in even if I was not well.

I’d known all that, conceptually, beforehand.

Now I knew it in my bones.

I’m Not Lazy, But I Don’t Wish to be a Slave to Work

I love my coaching, I love helping businesses with social media and occasional consulting projects, but all of those involve exchanging my time for money.

And I love reading, visiting art galleries, attending concerts, and just hanging out with friends and having great conversations over extended lunches or dinners.All of which also take time – and usually money as well.

The Money Angels Smiled

I have actually tried a few business projects over the years with the aim of creating passive income.

With some success. But not enough success for me to be sure there would be a day in the not too distant future where I could confidently take my foot of the pedal, so to speak.

Then late last year our good friend Manda shared with Suzie and me a business project that was providing her with the means to realise her own dreams.

This was in foreign exchange trading (forex), a field I had previously thought was effectively reserved for banks, governments, and high net worth individuals.

Manda was able to show us how a company called CashFx (CFX) had changed the game and opened to people like me a way to build a substantial income from a starting commitment as low as $300.

And there were other attractive features, including:

– An impressive company record of consistent success in the Global Forex Market
– Combining the knowledge and skills of professional traders with proprietary technology
– No monthly fees!
– Members paid every week!

I did my due diligence, checking out the company, its leadership, the business plan, the track record, and so on: I was and am seriously impressed.

So we each purchased a contract with the company.

At an outlay of US$300 each, we were applying the very sensible principle of not risking money we could not afford to lose.

Then we started getting paid, week by week, with weekly returns consistently around 5%.My spirits rose.I said to Suzie, “The money angels have smiled on us at last”. 

If you would like to know more, on this Wednesday 19th May, Suzie and I will be hosting a webinar to explain how CFX works and how we are rewarded.

We will be joined by our mentor in CFX, Hazel Moore from the UK, who is a Director with the company.

We are thrilled that Hazel is donating a $300 Bitcoin gift. So the lucky winner can get started with a CFX automated trade pack

.To qualify, you will need to be online – a Zoom call – for the webinar from beginning to end (around 40-45 minutes).

The call will be on Wednesday 19th May, at 7pm AEST (10 am BST, 5 am EST).

Here is the link:  Join Zoom Meeting ID: 929 0640 3814 Passcode: freedom21
PS: At this time the company is not taking registrations from the USA or Canada, so people in those countries are not currently eligible for the Bitcoin giveaway, but you are welcome to come on the cal. And if you would like to be kept informed about developments, come join our Facebook group, Get Wealthy Now – Make Money While You Sleep: (Please make sure you answer the three simple questions),
 PPS: please share this post – it might just be part of the answer someone out there is looking for.

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Business coach and digital entrepreneur, Des has been actively engaged for over 20 years in promoting the business opportunities of the digital economy. He is a certified specialist in social media strategy and affiliate marketing. Des is a global partner with the forex education and trading company, CashFx Group, where he focuses on creating futureproof financial freedom, and supporting others who desire to do the same for themselves and their families.