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It was good to be invited to be a member of the Interim Advisory Board for the Social Media Club.

And now we get serious.

After a short burst of behind-the-scenes tossing around of ideas on priorities for our attention, Social Media Club Co-Founder Chris Heuer has posted a work program structured as 4 Missions, 4 Projects.

As a colleague of mine, formerly in the military, used to say, we’ve been “tasked”.

Albeit with more personal flexibility than would have obtained in the military.

The 4 Missions are:

  1. Expand Media Literacy
  2. Share Lessons Learned Among Practitioners
  3. Encourage Adoption of Industry Standards
  4. Promote Ethical Practices through Discussion and Actions

I’ve put my hand up to be part of the group working on Mission 1 – Expand Media Literacy. Under this heading, my fellow member of the interim advisory board Michael Brito is leading a push “to find and organize all the best Introduction to Social Media presentations, classes, discussions, cartoons, videos, blog posts etc”.

I’m excited about this project and see it as providing a much-needed resource, especially for people whose job or consulting role requires them to understand and explain clearly the rapidly moving, shape-shifting, color-changing phenomenon we call “social media”.

But it’s not just the members of the interim advisory board who are being invited and challenged to work on the “expand media literacy” item or other missions/projects. The invitation is open to anyone who wants to participate: so if you are inclined to help, just head on over to the Social Media Club wiki and get into it.

Incidentally, the interim advisory board is now being referred to as the interim advisory “group” (so as not to get embroiled in discussions about “boards”) – good move, in my opinion.

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