On my desk, alongside my computer, I have a little strip of paper with a statement on it that I notice on a daily basis. The statement includes a question I think I’m supposed to ask myself regularly, a question I find provocative. A friend gave me the piece of paper with the statement and inbuilt question and I leave it there to challenge and occasionally rebuke me. The message reads:

“The million-dollar question that separates the big winners from the rest …’ How will this make me money now?’”

It’s not that I believe that everything I do should have a direct, immediate impact in making me money. More that the statement with question challenges me to be businesslike and to recognise the need to assess the various demands on my time in relation to their potential impact on my business and financial plans.

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Des Walsh is a business coach and independent, confidential sounding board for business owners and entrepreneurs. A long term advocate of smart, risk-mitigating business use of technology and a certified social media strategist, he is well placed to support businesses in adapting to the rapid changes in the technological, business and social environments. Connect with Des on LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter. And to stay in the loop, get Des’s weekly Social Business Bites (select snippets of his "best of the week" online finds).

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